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Top 20 grain terminals of Ukraine in 2018/19 MY

25 November 2019   Konstiantyn Ilnytskyi

Terminals of our sea ports have successfully coped with the ‘ninth wave’ of exportable grain. The main reasons for this were intensive construction of the new grain terminals as well as development of the ‘old ones’.

Top 20 grain terminals of Ukraine in 2018/19 MY

While drawing up an article five years ago titled ‘Terminal Racing’ regarding active construction of the new facilities for transshipment of grain in the ports, I could not imagine that it would be necessary to keep issuing such reviews from year to year since this racing is an ongoing process. As my colleagues noted, this is no longer a review, this is a series.

Grain Records

The grain boom in Ukraine continues. After a short ‘break’ in 2017, when adverse weather conditions reduced the grain harvest, in 2018 the harvest reached a historical record of 70 million tons.

In 2019, even more significant results are anticipated. Forecasts of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and the US Department of Agriculture indicate expectation of the crop growth from 4.7% (73.4 million tons) to 7% (75 million tons).

Natural consequence of the record harvest entailed the record volumes of grain exports. According to data of the USPA, in 2018-2019 MY 49.2 million tons of grain cargo were shipped through the country's sea port terminals. That is 10.1 million tons more than in 2017-2018 MY. It bears recalling yet again that in the recent 2007 the entire grain export of the country amounted to 10 million tons.

Within the 9-month period of 2019, 38.2 million tons of grain cargo were handled through the sea ports that is 37.2% more than in the same period in 2018.

It is gratifying to emphasize that the terminals of our sea ports have successfully coped with the ‘ninth wave’ of exportable grain. The main reasons for this were intensive construction of new grain terminals in the Ukrainian ports as well as development of the ‘old’ terminals, which we have been calling as ‘terminal racing’ for several years.

An outcome of this racing was the appearance of 6 new million-plus terminals with a capacity of at least 1 million tons per year in our ports during the five-year period of 2015-2019. These are the Risoil terminal in Chornomorsk port, the COFCO terminal, the terminal of POSCO International and Orexim Group companies in Mykolaiv, the Novotekh-Terminal in Odesa, Yevrovneshtorh terminal in Olvia and the largest terminal - Neptune (M.V. Cargo ) In Pivdenny port. At the same time, development and improvement of the ‘old’ terminals have been rigorously pursued.

Port transshipment

According to the results of 2018-2019 MY, the number of port grain million-plus operators in Ukraine, i.e. those which handled at least 1 million tons of grain cargo, increased to fourteen. In total within 2018-2019 MY, 53 port operators handled grain cargo in the Ukrainian sea ports.

It would also be appropriate to specify that this refers to the companies recognized by the USPA as port operators. For example, grain terminal ‘M.V. Cargo ‘ in Pivdenny port which was under construction but was already handling significant volumes of grain in test mode in 2018-2019 MY carried out shipment  through the berths of neighbouring terminals and did not make the statistics.

We are bringing forward to our readers a rating of 23 largest operators in terms of grain cargo transshipment in the Ukrainian sea ports over 2018-2019 MY (operators which handled at least 300 thousand tons were taken into account). They accounted for 91.7% of the total volume of transshipment of grain cargo.

The table shows that the first two places in the rating were retained by ...

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