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USPA and Risoil agreed upon new contract - Veckagans

30 July 2019, 14:38

USPA and Risoil agreed upon new contract - Veckagans

The Chairman of the SE ‘Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine’ (USPA) Raivis Veckagans commented on the conflict situation in the Chernomorsk port where the local branch of the USPA requires via the court a large investor, Risoil S.A., to dismantle already constructed land transportation gallery.

‘We agreed with Risoil a new contract, so it can be said that the point solution to the problem has been found’, said the Chairman of the USPA at the press conference on Tuesday answering a question from the Ports of Ukraine website.

Veckagans also added that, in his opinion, the activities of Risoil fully comply with the port development plans as a grain hub.

‘This issue has been already solved on the point basis. But at the strategic level the problem still exists. Since the state moorings managed by the USPA are used by plenty of port operators and stevedores under the contract of access to the moorings. And this is a systemic problem, when an investor who invested funds (in this case, Risoil) in their development through a lease mechanism experiences similar difficulties. We need changes in the management of the ‘land’ part of the property. Therefore, it is necessary to think over everything in advance, there must be an integral property complex, an understanding of how the freight is delivered and transferred. On the quays of Chernomorsk there are a lot of other operators. In the long-term perspective, the concession or lease of these assets should solve this problem since under such conditions the contract for special services is terminated. The bill No. 7385 developed by us stipulates that if a port operator leases logistical areas along the entire length of the quay for more than five years, then for the next five years they will have a ‘first-hand right’ envisaging extension of the lease for another five years. They have guarantees that that they are developing, and we have guarantees for the volume of transshipment. Now there are special services agreements, although it was rather good decision when transforming the industry. After corporatization, the law on concession, we will move forward, ”commented the head of the USPA.

LLC ‘JV Risoil Terminal’ began assembling a new Neuero ship loading machine in June 2018. The machine was designed according to individual order of Risoil. Commissioning works were successfully carried out in December 2018. The productivity of the machine is 1 thousand tonnes per hour, with such capacity it is possible to load up to 22 thousand tonnes of grain per day to the sea transport.

However, Chernomorsk branch of the USPA applied to the court to dissolve servitude agreement concluded with Risoil S.A. and obligate them to dismantle the engineering structures of the land transportation gallery installed on the part of quay No.11 200 m length. This claim was satisfied by the court of first instance in January 2019 and confirmed by the appeal court in May. However, Risoil S.A. is disputing this decision.

According to the registry of the SE ‘Administration of the Sea Ports of Ukraine’, LLC ‘JV Risoil Terminal’ operates the quay No. 11 of Chernomorsk sea port. The terminal provides services for handling food liquid bulk cargoes since 2001. The grain complex was put into operation in March 2016. The investor planned to attract $ 70 million for implementation of the third and fourth phases of the terminal foreseeing construction of a versatile warehouse No. 2, station for vehicles unloading and double-sided pier.

Risoil S.A. was founded in 2000 in Geneva (Switzerland). The main activities of the company are logistics of oil, bulk and general cargo in the ports of the Black Sea, sale and production of vegetable oils, trade of grains and oilseeds in containers, storage and processing of agro-industrial products.

Apart from the LLC ‘JV Risoil Terminal’ in Chernomorsk port, the company owns terminal for transshipment of vegetable oils called LLC ‘Risoil Yuh’ in Yuzhny seaport, LLC ‘Maritime Technical Center’, PrJSC ‘Razdelniansky Elevator’, oil press plant LLC ‘Bioil Universal Ukraine’, oil extraction plant ‘Beads Oliva’ (Bulgaria) and other assets.

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