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Maritime agents demand to stop imposing services of Morrichservis

24 July 2019, 09:04

Maritime agents demand to stop imposing services of Morrichservis


Representatives of the agency companies operating in seaports of Ukraine addressed the head of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport (Maritime Administration), Dmytro Petrenko, with a letter insisting on the illegitimacy of actions of the harbour masters appointed by the Maritime Administration to compel signing the accession agreements with the SE ‘Morrichservis’. This was announced by Ivan Niiaky, Director of the SE ‘Transship-Servis’.

‘Today we have submitted a letter to Mr. Petrenko demanding to cease immediately the lawlessness created by him. If there is no reaction - we will apply to all law-enforcement authorities with statements about crimes. We hope that the new government will promptly end this mess’, Niiaky wrote in Facebook on Tuesday.

As stated in the letter, representatives of the Maritime Administration in ports verbally informed all agency companies that from July 15, 2019, those who did not sign the accession agreements with the SE ‘Morrichservis’ will register ships arrival/departure only in the office of Maritime Administration in Odesa.

For example, the harbour master of Ust-Dunaisk port and his service personnel refuse to register arrival and departure of vessels shipped by the SE ‘Transship-Servis’, which did not sign the agreement with the SE ‘Morrichservis’, referring to the order of the Maritime Administration Chairman. Therefore, as of Tuesday, at Ust-Dunaisk port it was denied to register arrival of Avant tug and DM-1073 lighter which agency company is Transship-Servis’.

The similar situation occurred with the issuing of clearance from Chernomorsk port of the Unzile Ana vessel, which agent was Novikъ LLC. Although cargo operations on this vessel were completed at 7:45 am on July 16, it was possible to obtain its clearance from the harbour master only after 6 hours.

The similar situations occur with the vessels shipped by the LLC ‘ZIM Integrated Shipping Ukraine Services Ltd’. Having refused to conclude the agreement with the SE ‘Morrichservis’ service personnel of the harbour master of Odesa seaport began to direct the ship agent for registration of the vessel arrival / departure to the office of Chernomorsk Interregional Department of the Maritime Administration in Odesa which is located outside the port and works from 9:00 to 18: 00 with a lunch break that makes it impossible to process promptly the documents and plan calls for the vessel operating on foreign navigation lines, especially on non-workdays and public holidays, and entails as well the delay of vessels near the piers and failures in the linear schedule.

 ‘We would like to remind you that in accordance with the Procedure of registration of the vessels arrival to the seaport, the issuing of permission for vessels sail and clearance of vessels leaving the seaport approved by Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure No. 430 dated 27 June 2013 the arrival of vessel at the port shall be registered by the harbour master no more than 6 hours after its entrance; the vessel departure shall be registered within 2-3 hours before the vessel leaves the port provided that all necessary procedures have been carried out by the port authorities and regulatory bodies, and the freight loading and fastening have been completed. According to the Compulsory Regulations for Seaports, the arrival/departure of vessel is registered by the harbour master of the seaport where the vessel enters into and is located (and not any other). The current legislation of Ukraine does not provide for participation of the third-party enterprises like the  SE ‘Morrechservis’ in the procedure of registration of the vessels arrival/departure from the seaport,’ as authors of the letter state.

‘Considering mentioned above, we demand an immediate shutting-down of the SE ‘Morrechservis’, prevention of illegal activities of the Maritime Administration staff, conduct of internal audit and punishment of those responsible. Please inform us about measures taken in writing’ the letter emphasizes.

The letter was signed by Ivan Niiaky, Director of the SE ‘Transship-Servis’, Tariel Khajishvili, Director of Novikъ LLC  and Andrii Kuzmenko, Director of ZIM Integrated Shipping Ukraine Services Ltd.

In June, the Association of Maritime Agencies of Ukraine (AMAU) declared about unjustifiable imposition of an agreement for services provided by the SE ‘Morrechservis’ to the marine agents. ‘Subject of the agreement is the pro]vision of services related to organizational and technical support for registration of the vessel arrival/departure from the seaport. At the same time, established by law procedure for registration of the vessel arrival/departure does not envisage participation of commercial enterprises, but is solely a function of the harbour master’, the AMAU stated.

As noted, the pressure on marine agents is carried out through harbour masters of the seaports who warned that in case of failure to pay invoices issued by the SE ‘Morrechservis’, the vessel will be denied permission to enter and exit the port.

Earlier, the AMAU enquired the Maritime Administration to clarify on which basis the SE ‘Morrechservis’ charges a fee for registration of the vessel arrival/departure in seaports.

The SE ‘Morrechservis’ was established by the Maritime Administration on November 9, 2018 as a state commercial enterprise with the aim of providing support services for water transport.

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