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Maritime community calls on the President to prevent reappointment of Lavreniuk

19 September 2019, 12:10

Maritime community calls on the President to prevent reappointment of Lavreniuk

Yurii Lavreniuk. Photo:

The Maritime Chamber of Ukraine and the representatives of companies operating in the Ukrainian ports addressed to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with open letters asking to intervene  immediately in the situation and prevent the reappointment of officials related to corruption schemes and requisitions in ports. In addition, they requested to pay attention to personnel policy and called for dialogue.

‘Two months have passed since your visit to Odesa port. Then you spoke out in our support. Your communication with the officials who led the maritime industry into decline gave us and our thousand members of collectives a reason to hope for a real change in the situation. (...) Unfortunately, no changes have taken place since then. Moreover, the information we have obtained from unofficial sources, whereas the official sources are silent, indicates that changes will take place - but changes for the worse’, the statement to the President says.

The maritime community is concerned by the rumours about possible appointment of Yurii Lavreniuk as the First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure. ‘As we have repeatedly told you, Yurii Lavreniuk is the personification and author of literally all corruption schemes that still work on the Ukrainian market of maritime freight traffic. It was at the command of Yurii Lavreniuk that in record time almost all professional heads of the state enterprises were dismissed from the region - especially such enterprises which bring the largest financial flows to the state. Their posts were taken by former prosecutors, operatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine, who do not know anything about sea freights, but are well aware of the schemes’, the statement says.

Lavreniuk’s most trusted representative in the maritime industry, Serhii Honsky, will not be dismissed as well. Moreover, it is also possible that he will be raised to the level of head of one of the key state enterprises. The chairman of the Odesa branch of the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine Ihor Tkachuk, who is called the head of the tugs corruption scheme in Odesa port, also remains in his position.

‘We kindly ask you, Mr. President, to pay attention to one of the essential sectors of the Ukrainian economy. It seems obvious you are being deceived or not provided with all information. People who may now take up strategically important positions for the industry do not support your policy of updating and purging the system. (...) We will provide you with all necessary information and are always ready to meet’, the statement says.

The letter was signed by the Maritime Chamber of Ukraine, Risoil SA, TIS Terminal Group, Tranship LLC, P&O Maritime Ukraine.

In another letter signed by: the Maritime Chamber of Ukraine, LLC ‘Metalsukraine LTD’, Olimpex Coupe International LLC, Shiprepair Yard PJSC, Prista Oil-Ukraine LLC, FDI Inzernoexport LLC (the Association of Maritime Agencies of Ukraine (AMAU) expressed their support as well) and the Association of Container Lines of Ukraine (ACLU). The representatives of industry are kindly  requesting to pay attention to one of the crucial sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

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