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Have MAU captains conspired with corrupt ecologists?

Ihor Hoshovskyi, Editor-in-Chief of
16 May 2019

Detention of a vessel by a captain of the Maritime administration based on an illegal demand of the ecological inspectorate is a clear evidence of the purpose, for which this new administration was created

In spite of decision by the Government cancelling isolated ballast control of vessels, the territorial authorities of the State Ecological Inspectorate sabotage observation of the decree. There exist facts when the “ecologists” were trying to come aboard and perform sampling of vessel waters.

But the participants of port market are especially concerned with the recent fact of detention of Praetorius vessel in the Mykolaiiv sea port, where the corrupt ecologists conspired with the harbor master, appointed by the Maritime administration.

It was clear from the very beginning why the Maritime administration was and is so eagerly struggling for the right to appoint harbor masters. And there’s the proof.

In his letter to Mr. Hurtovyi, the harbor master of the Mykolaiiv port, Head of the State Ecological Inspectorate Mr. Stavniichuk states a standard ground that on 20 May the State Ecological Inspectorate of the Crimean-Black Sea constituency had noticed in the area of Praetorius vessel pollution of the sea water of the unknown origin. And then the harbor master of MAU provided against departure of that vessel from the port. At the same time, another harbor master did not see any legal ground for that prohibition.

As we can observe, should the agent file the application for departure with a lawful harbor master, but not the one of MAU appointed against the requirements of the Merchant Shipping Code of Ukraine, then there would be obviously no problem.

As the result, we have the situation where MAU harbor master passes a decision based on illegal actions of the ecological inspectorate, ignoring the decree of the Government. It appears that the only working vertical in the country is the one yielding money grabbed from business involving corrupt schemes.

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